Increasing Succah Forever

Succot are iron arbors and can be easily assembled and dismantled.
The Succot are modular and the sukkah or Succah frame can be enlarged as and when needed.
The iron frame of the sukkah can be expanded by the length of the extension
Between width bars and additional width bars and thus increase the length or width of the sukkah.
The expansion of the sukkah frame also strengthens the roof of the sukkah by attaching a rod to the length of the extension bars
On both sides of the sukkah.
In addition, large sukkahs have pillars of rose height in the middle of the sukkah, which is connected by 4 width bars
From the four sides on the roof of the sukkah and thus strengthen the roof of the sukkah.
The sukkah cloth is also modular and can be enlarged without end.
Sukkah fabrics are in sizes: 8.2 meters, 10.2 meters, 12.2 meters, 14.2 meters.
The fabrics are closed with a zipper at the beginning and end of the fabric and therefore this zipper can be enlarged to the fabric and connect it to another felt.
Each fabric has a door that can be opened or closed by an extra zipper and 3 windows with anti-insect nets.
When you order a citrus hut of a certain size we take care of all the details and components you receive
By fast delivery all the iron and fabric required to assemble the sukkah and with the detailed illustrated leaflet
You can build the sukkah in a short time and without difficulty.
Modular Sukkot and you enjoy the great advantage and price of buying Sukkah 1 actually get the possibility of building 2 different sizes of Succah. fish':
A customer purchasing a 2X4 Sukkah can build a 2X4 Sukkah or a 2X2 Sukkah (if in another year he wants a smaller sukkah)
A customer buying a 3X4 sukkah can build a 3X4 sukkah or a 2X3 sukkah (if in another year he wants a smaller sukkah)
A customer purchasing a 3X5 sukkah can build a 3X3 sukkah or a 3X3 sukkah (if in another year he wants a smaller sukkah)

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