Halacha of Succah

On Sukkot there are a selection of mitzvos that we are privileged to celebrate at the beginning of the new year. And there are many laws of Succah that one must know in order to fulfill the commandment properly. Enter the Halachot on the page and you will be able to learn all the laws of Sukkot, Shekach Forever, the Four Kinds, the mitzvah of sitting in the Sukkah and more. In this section, we will discuss halakhic issues regarding the construction of a kosher sukkah, regarding the sukkah walls, the sukkah for eternity and other topics of interest to the holiday. You can go deeper and get more halachic information on the articles page. Go to the Succot and Sakhk articles page forever or copy the attached link to the address bar and you can read more halachic articles on Succot ---> http://www.sukkothadar.co.il/en/ Articles

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