‘Sukkot Hadar’ company was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs with ten years of experience in the Sukkah business.

Over the years the company has expanded its operations and today ‘Sukkot Hadar’ company manufactures and markets several types of Sukkot, two different types of roof covering (S’chach), and various accessories for Sukkot holiday, such as: painted fabrics for the Sukkah, bamboo for the Sukkah, lighting for the Sukkah, case for Sukkah frame, a Sukkah for children and more.

'Sukkot Hadar' is a young and dynamic company that supplies high quality Sukkot.

The Sukkot are very strong, modular and easy to assemble.

The Sukkot prices are the most attractive in the Sukkah business.

When needed ‘Sukkot Hadar’ company provides delivery service from ‘Kiryat Shmona’ in the north, to ‘Dimona’ in the south. Additionally, there are options to rent a Sukkah and to order a service for assembling and disassembling the Sukkah.

Five Reasons to order from ‘Sukkot Hadar’:
* Best prices in Israel!
* Kosher certifications from known Kashrut rabbinical authorities!
* High quality products!
* Easy assemby!
* Professional Service!

Our team:
‘Sukkot Hadar’ employs a skilled and dedicated team of employees - drivers, warehouse workers, distributors, salespeople, customer service staff, management and marketing teams – who are working hard to assure the best products and service for our customers. Product quality assurance, prompt delivery times, ease of assembly, and responsiveness to needs of our customers are of great importance to us.

‘Sukkot Hadar’ company has set several goals:

A. A significant reduction in the prices of Sukkot for the customer.
B. A high level of quality and good finishing.
C. Reliable and cordial service.

Alongside with our efforts to supply the best products, this year we offer the roof covering "S’chach Hadar" – the highest quality, strong and elegant S’chach in Israel.

In light of our commitment to high quality and reliable service, we provide a 10 year warranty on ‘Sukkot Hadar’.

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